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Cotuit HVAC Company

From hot summers to frigid winters, Cotuit, MA, residents experience the entire spectrum of temperature extremes. A reliable HVAC system in your home will help keep the temperature inside stable no matter the time of year. Yet, the air conditioner and furnace require regular maintenance and repairs. Make sure things remain operational with help from Carl F. Riedell & Son, an experienced HVAC company in Cotuit, MA. Since 1932, we've provided residents with the full range of HVAC services, including:

  • Heater Installation
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Mini Ductless Systems

Cotuit Heater Installation

During those cold New England winters, it pays to have a high-quality furnace keeping your family warm. Whether your existing furnace is old and out-of-date, or it needs major repairs, you may want to have our technicians just install a new one. Our HVAC company in Cotuit, is certified in geothermal, radiant heat, oil, gas, and boiler heating systems.

Air Conditioning Service

You'll want to be prepared for the warm weather before summer comes round. Otherwise, you might find that your air conditioner isn't working as expected! Carl F. Riedell & Son can provide a complete inspection of your air conditioning in Cotuit, MA, and perform any necessary repairs. If your unit goes on the fritz while in use, let us know! We provide emergency AC repair services, so you won't have to deal with the heat!

Mini Ductless Systems

Some older homes don't have the ductwork needed for air conditioning installation. If you love your old Cape Cod home, but want to be cool during summer consider installing a mini ductless system instead. These units can be placed in multiple rooms, don't require as much time or expense to install, and most of the hardware remains hidden behind walls or in an outside unit. Plus, you can turn to our Cotuit HVAC services for any ongoing maintenance and repair needs.

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Life can be pretty unpleasant without working mechanicals in the home. If your heater is broken or the air conditioning doesn't work, give Carl F. Riedell & Son a phone call or fill out our online form! We can also schedule an emergency appointment for Cotuit air conditioning repair!