PFAS … What are they?

PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalktl substances) are a large class of chemicals used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products, including firefighting foams, water, oil and stain resistant products. They earned the nickname “ forever chemicals” because of the length of time they stay in the environment. The chemicals have been detected In the blood of over 98% of Americans tested.


Nearly half of private wells sampled on Cape Cod have tested positive for PFAS.

46%of 101 wells tested in the 12 Cape Cod towns had at least one PFAS chemical.

Only 3%of the wells had PFAS levels that exceeded the new, stricter groundwater standard.

The study samples took place in August, September, November and December of last year, 2018.

The study tested for the presence of 25 PFAS chemicals and detected 9 of the chemicals at least once.

Good news for Cape Codders is that the vast majority of private wells already tested in the study met the proposed stricter guidelines for PFSA exposer levels.

There are some general filtration medias which will remove most of the chemicals present in your water. But, there are so many different strains of PFOS/PFAS out there that need to be identified and the correct media selected to mitigate the issue.

There is not a one size fits all filtration system design on the market at this time, as there is still a ton of research and testing to be done. It will be years before someone has a product that will be recommended in the same manner as a water softener or filter.

That being said, if you have concerns about what’s in your well water call us at Advanced Air and Water Systems to learn what recommendations we have to offer you mitigation solutions and the Peace of Mind knowing your family is drinking the safest/purest water you can provide for them; because after all it is your responsibility to ensure the water your family consumes is safe, not the governments.

Michael Arnold

Advanced Air and Water System Manager