While there are many glamorous and exciting home improvement projects you could take on instead, an air conditioner replacement might be the more necessary choice. Since your HVAC system has such an immense impact on the comfort, health, and efficiency of your home, you need to make it a priority. You especially need to consider a new central air conditioner installation if any of the following cases prove to be true.

You’ve Had Your AC for More Than 10 Years

The average air conditioner has a lifespan of 15 years, but that’s only the case if you have been taking care of it. Without the proper maintenance, you can expect your AC unit to require many repairs to make it to 15 years. You should also keep in mind that the older your AC unit is, the more expensive the inevitable repairs will be. Therefore, you’re better off replacing your air conditioner with a new and improved version to get ahead of the repair expenses.

Your Energy Costs Have Increased

Even if your air conditioner is still running, it might not be running as efficiently as it could be.  However, this could be a difficult sign to notice because it happens gradually. Over time, you could start to see an increase in your cooling bills. Now, it’s important to note that we aren’t talking about the inevitable hike in cooling costs during the summer, but rather, if you notice that your cooling costs for this summer are higher than last, it might be time for a replacement. 

It Frequently Breaks Down

A more obvious sign that it’s time to ditch your old AC is when it starts to break down often. If you have your AC repairman on speed dial, you need to bite the bullet and request an AC replacement instead. Even though a replacement might seem more expensive, repair costs add up. Therefore, a replacement ends up being the better investment in the long run. Besides, can you really put a price on your comfort and the convenience of not worrying about your AC on a hot day?

You Use R 22 Freon

Lastly, you need to put serious consideration into a replacement if your current air conditioner runs on R 22 Freon. In an effort to conserve energy across the nation, the federal government is starting to phase out Freon. Not only does this mean it’s harder to get, but it’s also going to cost a lot more. Eventually, you will have to replace your AC unit with a system that uses the new approved refrigerant, so you can save yourself time and money by getting a head start on your inevitable replacement.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs we mentioned, we encourage you to call Carl F. Riedell & Son to ask about our central air installation service. You can ask any questions about our replacement AC units over the phone, or we can provide you with a complimentary replacement quote after you submit our online form.