Water Purification

Have you always heard about the benefits of water purification, but didn’t really understand the process? Or perhaps, you’ve considered a water system installation, but you don’t know if it’s worth the investment. Well, at Carl F. Riedell & Son, we have been installing water purification systems for years, so we can guide you through the water purifying process to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


The water purification process starts with coagulation chemicals. Ferric sulfate and polyelectrolyte work together to bring together the very fine particles in your water. When these solids lump together, this is called coagulation, and it is a necessary step in removing particles from your water.  


Once the coagulation step is complete, flocculation begins. Much like coagulation, this step combines particles, so they can be removed later on. To flocculate, large mechanical paddles gently mix the water. In doing so, the coagulated particles become larger, denser pieces that can settle quickly for the next step.


As the flocculated water moves through the system into clarifiers, the large, dense particles settle to the bottom. From there, there clarified water moves on through the rest of the treatment process without the sediment.


For the next step, the clarified water is disinfected with several chemicals. The process starts with chlorine addition followed by ammonia addition, which creates chloramine to disinfect the water. Before this water and the chemicals can pass through the rest of the purification system, they must sit in a set of basins while the disinfection process completes.

pH Adjustment

To make sure that your water is at its targeted pH levels, lime is added. With the calcium oxide making your water more basic, it becomes less corrosive to the pipes in the remainder of your purification system and your plumbing. During this step, a polyphosphate solution is also added to your water so that the lime stays dissolved.


As your water nears the end of the water purification process, it is treated with fluorosilicic acid. When added at this point, you get the fluoride you need to prevent dental cavities.


For the last step in water purification, the water goes through a rapid gravity filter, which uses granular filter media like sand to remove any remaining suspended particles. The water passes through the filter at a controlled rate to ensure that all of the particles adhere to the filter media.

At Carl F. Riedell, we install additional water filtration and purification systems for city or well water to pass through. Our 3M Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System leaves you with clean and enjoyable drinking water that doesn’t have any impurities in it. To find out more about our systems or the purification process, give us a call or fill out our online quote form.