In order for your household to run smoothly, your water systems must do the same. After all, think of how difficult it is to complete daily activities — showering, cleaning, and using the bathroom — without running water that you can count on. But when can you fix things yourself, and when should you call in for emergency plumbing in Cape Cod?

Here at Carl Riedell, we’ve built a reputation as trusted emergency plumbers in our last 84 years serving the Cape Cod area. We asked our licensed crews when homeowners should call in the experts. Here’s what they said:

1. If Your Basement Is Flooding, Call for Emergency Plumbing in Cape Cod — Now!

When the waters are rising, time is of the essence. If you notice flooding in your basement, pick up the phone and call for emergency plumbing in Cape Cod immediately. If it’s late at night or it happens to be a holiday, call a 24/7-service crew, like the one at Carl Riedell. The sooner help arrives, the less expenses you’ll have to pay to fix the water damage done to your home.

2. Pipes Frozen? Call in Emergency Plumbers!

If you think your pipes might be frozen, call in emergency plumbers right away. If you see frost on your pipes, water isn’t coming out of the faucet, or you notice an odd smell coming from the faucet or drain during winter months, your pipes might be frozen. Frozen pipes don’t only cause inconvenience — when untreated, they can crack and burst, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home. 

3. If Your Pipes are Blocked, it’s time for Emergency Plumbers

Blocked pipes aren’t always cause to call emergency plumbers. Who hasn’t plunged a clogged toilet, or snaked a hair-filled shower drain? But if you can’t solve the problem yourself, there’s likely a bigger problem. Such sewer-related problems can stem from roots, sediment, and non-flushable items (we’re looking at you, baby wipes!) It’s important to call in emergency plumbers before the problem gets even worse (and more expensive)!

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call the trusted, licensed emergency plumbers at Carl Riedell! We’re available 24/7 to ensure you receive the appropriate assistance when it’s time to call in emergency plumbing in Cape Cod. As a Member of the National Federation of Independent Business, our Diamond Contractor Elite Status team has the awards and accreditations necessary to guarantee exceptional services. Check out our online reviews for more information!