The home water heater is one of those luxuries we often take for granted—that is, at least until we find ourselves showering in the cold. When your water heater stops working properly, you want to get things up and running as quickly as possible, and you might be tempted to perform a quick DIY job.


If you’re like many, you probably have some healthy measure of respect for dealing with water heaters, but you might not realize just how dangerous they can be. Not only are water heater repairs and installations tricky, poorly maintained and improperly installed water heaters are ticking time bombs that can literally explode at any moment. Dangers you could be facing include:

  • Hot water spraying all over your drywall
  • Damaged furniture, flooring, electronics, and more
  • Gas water heaters can release carbon monoxide into the home
  • Gas water heaters that do not function properly can experience gas build-up, and a single spark can lead to a deadly explosion!

Avoid Disaster with Expert Cape Cod Water Heater Repair
Water heater installation and repair is one of those things best left to the professionals. The risks are simply not worth going the DIY route. If you’re looking for quality and affordable Cape Cod water heater repairs, go with Carl F. Riedell & Son. Since 1932, we have provided reliable Cape Cod water heaters, repairs, and installations at competitive prices. We will keep your water heater working properly—and safely—with our full-service solutions for all water heater types including:

  • Indirect fired water heaters 
  • High-efficiency water heaters 
  • Boilers and furnaces 
  • Electric water heaters 
  • Gas water heaters 
  • Oil-to-gas conversions 
Need 24/7 Cape Cod Water Heater Repair?

Day or night, when your water heater goes out, Carl F. Riedell & Son will provide you with the fast and cost-effective solution you’re looking for. Our master plumbers are experienced, courteous professionals that locals have trusted for over 80 years, and we will do everything possible to increase the longevity of your water heater. If a replacement is needed, we offer water heater installation in Cape Cod you can trust!