Air Conditioning in Cape Cod, MA

When it comes to your home or business, your air conditioner plays an integral role in your HVAC system. However, knowing which unit to install can be confusing.

Since 1932, the technicians at Carl F Riedell & Son, Inc. have experienced the evolvement of air conditioning units and are ready to help you understand the distinction between an AC and HVAC-AC installation.

Difference Between AC and HVAC-AC Installation

HVAC-AC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The acronym AC, of course, stands for air conditioning. Often times, the two words are interchanged to mean the same thing; however, there are some differences.

First, AC installation refers to a single unit that isn’t connected with the heating or ventilation of your home or business. These types of units are geared towards a window or manual unit. This also includes split and ductless systems if your home or building don’t have ducts are hard to attach.

The HVAC-AC refers to your central air system. Installing central air means that you can control heat and air conditioning from the same thermostat. The air conditioning unit is connected outside and your heating unit depends on whether it requires gas or electricity.

The Installation Process

Installing a window unit requires a technician to raise the window and make sure the AC unit is properly sealed. The process for central air conditioning includes removing old AC units, getting permits, scheduling inspections, replacing old ducts, installing the outdoor unit, correctly adding lines to the piping, and installing the thermostat.

Once those steps are completed, your technician will need to follow up and schedule a unit check appointment. Using a reputable company, such as Carl F Riedell & Son, Inc. will help choose the best unit and make sure the job’s done right. Call us today for a consultation.

Have You Switched from R-22 to R-410A on your AC Unit?

The advantages of air conditioning installation with R-410A include:

  • Tax credits and rebates
  • Reducing your electric bill AND lowering your maintenance costs
  • Being green-friendly

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